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Short question-Short answer about creatures

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

this blog is constantly evolving

.... all this facts pertain to every creatures....

Do you use just watch parts? - No.. for the leg ornaments, I use several other parts. It would be hard to find 8-16 same pieces

I like the eyes! What are that? - All the eyes are watch winding crown.

Every parts are antique? - Yes! The oldest parts is 200 years old what I have ever built to my arwork.

- I use rare and expensive pocket watch parts, but I never use watch with high museal value.

What material were the creatures made of? - The best, and the more ornamented watch cases are made of silver, and some ornaments are silver plated.

Do creatures move? - No, there is no creatures with moving parts in this collection.

Is there any necessary maintenance? - Just handle it like an old antique watch. There are several professional cleaning material. Ask your local watch expert ( or music instruments expert)

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