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  1. Put the package to a big table, with the label upside.

  2. Remove the packaging materials layer by layer

  3. Every necessary screw and tools have been enclosed

  4. Assemble the spider before placing it in the spiderweb

  5. place the spiders feets in the support brackets

  6. screw it in very carefully

  7. there is a litle brass wire, with hoop on the end. screw it to the fly ( between the legs)

  8. there is a litle hole on the frame ( please check pictures of your purchased item)

  9. thread through the hole and fold the end

10 Email me or message me if you have any support. I'm here any time, as you neem my help.

If you need a video tutorial, I'M also happy to help you.

  1. This is a WIP ( work in progress) assembly instructions. I'm working on it.. If you have any idea of what could be better, please let me kno.. help me to make it better :)

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WIP version.... enclosed very small of blue sheet of cleaning material. more information :